Previous Exhibitions:


Telling Tales @ The Old School Room, London (2014)

Frames of Reference @ Marsden Woo Gallery, London (2014) 

The Brain Art Project @ Verge Gallery, Sydney (2012)

Hidden @ Shoredtich Town Hall, London (2011)

Untitled @ Gallery West, London (2010)


Alexa Raisbeck

is a young British artist, academic & audio visual professional currently residing and practicing in LONDON. 


In an increasingly digtised and ephemeral world Alexa continues to work and practice with celluloid film to create expansive cinematic objects and installations that question both the medium and the viewer's perception of it. Her work sits between the concerns of film, art and installation - never quite belonging to a category. not concerned with the idea of film as narrative illusion Alexa prefers to breakdown these accepted modes of viewing to reveal the inner mechanics behind the image or illusion. Her creative intentions often echo those of the structural - materialist filmmakers of the '60s and '70s, who moved their ideas onto newer formats once they were available.  


Whilst completing her BA in Media Arts at Royal Holloway University of London (2003-2006) and atudying for her MA in Art & Media Practice at the University of Westminster (2009-2011) Alexa trained professionally as a 35mm/70mm film handler and projectionist. For five of those years she worked in London's Leicester square the home of UK film Premieres. In the face of a dwindling profession, Alexa transferred many of the skills and experience she had acquired into her artwork and later started working with 16mm (known as the artist's film gauge) which is now her preferred size of film.

Currently Alexa is undertaking a PhD at the University of Westminster on Women in the profession of film projection. She is still working as a projectionist/technician/engineer and is available for freelance projection/av work and consultancy.


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Photo Credit: ©Adam Razvi
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