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Press & Media Heading

    Recent Features:

     I was featured in Richard Nicholson's project 'The Projectionists' the exhibit was featured at the Flat                      Pack film festival in Birmingham and at Analog 2 - Riflemaker at Sommerset House in London. 

  • BBC: 'Bringing the silver screen to life' (Apr 2016) 


  • The Guardian: Keeping it Reel: The dying art of the film projectionist (Apr 2016)         projectionist-in-pictures

  • Creative Review: Richard Nicholson captures the romance of the cinema projectionist (Apr 2016)         a-new-series-of-photographs/

     Other Features

  • Exhibition feature in Wall Street International 'Alexa Raisbeck. Frames of Reference' (Feb 2014)

  • Feature in psychology today 'In their own words: Alexa Raisbeck' (May 2012)

  • My work was published in the limited edition 'Shoreditch Unbound book' Article in the Huffington Post (May 2011)             creativity_n_7406088.html

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